If you are wondering how to remodel a home in Dallas, borrow a few of the hottest tips from our home broker investors who fix up homes to make a profit. Many investors find the best deals on fixer-upper properties and then make the most cost-effective improvements. As a home buyer in Dallas, work with a new-age real estate agency with a passion for buying and selling fantastic Dallas homes in up-and-coming neighborhoods. According to an article by domain.com, there are several property turn-offs to avoid when buying a “renovator’s delight” or fixer-upper.

Picking the right home

The first step is to work with a home broker to find the best real estate deal in Dallas for your purpose. Millennials often know how to spot a hip neighborhood and a home with the right architectural flair and style for maximum home appreciation. Avoid homes with cracks, mold, dark rooms, a bad location and limited space. You can fix other problems such as ugly kitchens and bathrooms with a remodeling plan.

Focusing on the high-priority areas

Kitchens and bathrooms sell a home, but when you want a bargain, it’s wise to choose a home with ugly kitchen and bathrooms. You can completely transform bathrooms with little investment. Change out the bathroom bowls for around $200. Replace the flooring with a modern stick vinyl that resembles stone or spend a little more on ceramic or porcelain tile. Painting a kitchen or bathroom with satin or semi-gloss typically costs less than $50 per room. Also, a modern backsplash gives bathrooms and kitchens a new look for less.

Buying homes with the right layout

Just as you can’t change your Dallas home's location, it’s difficult to change the architectural style. If you don’t like bungalow homes, don’t take it on as a renovation project. Also, avoid homes with mismatched additions, wacky styles and traffic noise.

Experts say the secret to buying a fixer upper is to put hard work and sweat equity into the home. Real estate investors typically buy homes in Dallas with at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms. They often replace old carpet with laminate oak wood flooring that looks good but doesn’t cost a fortune. They also paint the walls to freshen up the space.


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