You would be surprised at what buyers really look at while viewing your home. Sellers are always advised to deep clean their houses and remove all clutter and personal effects before opening it up to potential buyers. However, are there certain areas you should focus on more than others? A study done by Vileda used eye-tracking goggles to see exactly what buyers look at during a showing and for how long.


The overwhelming majority, 95%, looked out the windows of the house at the neighborhood and backyard. The community a home is located in is extremely important to buyers as they want to be sure that they and their families will fit in well there. Access to a pool or large backyard is also a plus. So scrub those windows and dust those blinds as they will have a lot of eyes on them!


Be careful throwing all of your extra junk in one drawer or cabinet because 80% of buyers check the storage space of your home. Clearing out all of your excess belongings from cabinets and closets make a storage space look larger and therefore more appealing. If you aren’t sure whether or not to throw something away, ask your Door agent.  


Don’t worry too much about scrubbing the floors and surfaces of desks or counters because only 15% of people studied actually looked closely at these. Instead, most people focused on the ceilings and lighting in a room. High ceilings are definitely desirable but a well-lit room can do wonders for the overall appearance.


Buyers go to several showings each week, you have to find a way to make your home stand out from the crowd. If you have a unique staircase or stained glass windows, don’t hide them! Almost 75% of the people tested lingered on elements of a house that were uncommon or rare. Showcase these features to make your house stand out and be memorable!


Showing your home can be difficult and stressful because you never know exactly what a buyer is looking for. This study confirmed just how important atmosphere and community is to people so keeping a clean home and emphasizing its best elements is the best way to lock in potential buyers.


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