Do you have an outdoor space that you love to use?  If you have a covered area with electricity, do yourself a favor and install an outdoor ceiling fan!  Trust us, you will enjoy your favorite outdoor area even more while increasing the value of your home with a ceiling fan in place - a bonus if you ever think of selling your home in Dallas.

Advantages of a Ceiling Fan

Not only does an outdoor fan cool you, it moves the air when it is still, creating that lovely breeze that allows you to use your outside space even more.  When the heat would normally drive you into the cool of the house, an outdoor ceiling fan lets you enjoy the day even more.

An added benefit?  A good breeze keeps the bugs away!  Ever notice that on a breezy day, the bugs are often not as bad?  While it's actually not the breeze itself that drives them off, it still works!  Whether it's wind or a fan, moving air disperses the scents that draw them.  Carbon dioxide, sweat, body heat.  These all attract bugs, and are tempered by a fan.

Ready to sell your home soon?  A more finished outdoor space can make buyers more likely to look according to Dave Ramsey.  The more finished and useable the space is, the more value it will add to the home.  A ceiling fan is the perfect touch to give the space that living area feel.

So What Kind of Fan Should You Get?

If you have a protected outside area, a UL damp rated fan will work fine.  These ceiling fans are rated to be outside, but not fully immersed in the weather.  These are perfect for covered or screened in porches.

A UL wet rated fan is what you need if you are going to put a ceiling fan in an area that is more exposed to the weather, such as a gazebo or an exposed deck.  When in doubt, go with a wet rated fan so you don't chance not having the protection you need.

An outdoor ceiling fan increases the feel of an extension of the home to the outdoors.  What better way to increase your home's value than to essentially make it bigger?  

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