It’s no secret that millennials are the new dominating class of homebuyers. People aged 18-36 are beginning to ditch their college dorms or apartments for some square footage of their own. But the reason why they’re upgrading isn’t what it used to be...


A recent survey by SunTrust Mortgage showed that over 1/3rd of millennials were influenced by owning dogs to move into a house of their own. We used to assume upgrading meant a growing family, now it seems that man’s best friend takes precedence!


In this survey, 66% said they bought a house because they desired more living space, 36% to build their equity and a surprisingly low 25% because of marriage. This could have to do with the average age of marriage increasing and people starting families later in life.


It is also extremely difficult and stressful to rent with a dog in the picture. Landowners are not usually fond of having messy, slobbery, shedding animals present in their apartments or condos. Mainly the guilt of keeping a dog cooped up all day in a stuffy apartment is what is driving millennials to search for a home and yard for their pups.


Millennials have strong bonds with their dogs and can be expected to put them first! Keep this in mind while marketing your home for sell because it’s not just babies and spouses that do the trick anymore.


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(Image via Juan Pablo Munoz Diaz, flickr)