When was the last time you called a travel agent? If you are like most people, it’s been a long time. If you are a Millennial you have probably never talked with one. In days past, a small group of people held all the information and access and you paid commissions for their services – there wasn’t an alternative. Now, you have dozens of choices to find flights, hotels and car rentals. You rarely talk with a person, and releasing the information to the masses on the internet has created healthy competition that has improved service and reduced commissions. Travel agents are now automated - made better by innovation, technology and buyer demand.

Residential real estate is a $100B industry – it’s long past time to disrupt it.

The old-fashioned real estate agent has pushed the narrative that you have to pay 6% (3% to the buyer’s agent, 3% to the seller’s agent) to sell your home. Agents are commissioned salespeople. They talk about their special neighborhood insights, their ability to get the best price how they have access to pools of buyers and how quickly they can sell your home. You listened, because for over 100 years, there hasn’t been a real alternative.

You still pay 6%, even though real estate agents do far less today than they did just a few years ago. Today, buyers look for their new home online long before they engage a Realtor, and MLS (multiple listing service) information is published to hundreds of online sources for all to see. Pricing is now transparent, meaning “I can sell your house for more” is nonsense from a salesperson who has more interest in their commission check than your best interest.

Selling your home now costs $5,000. Don’t overpay.

You need a full-service experience that still includes staging, high-quality photography, incredible digital marketing and even 3D modeling with virtual reality but with the cost savings and certainty of flat fees. And without commissioned sales people.

The revolution has begun. Join us.

Door is the leading next-generation real estate brokerage, with pricing that is 98% accurate and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. Door has non-commissioned & specialized employee agents with integrated technology that improves client service. Texas clients have received over $3.5 million in commission refunds – more and more every day.