The introduction of Virtual Reality opens up a world of possibility for real estate. VR provides a computer generated, 3-dimensional view of a space. It is entirely interactive allowing the user to move about and see the space through a VR screen or goggles. A walkthrough of a home can be created using a Matterport camera which captures the color and depth of any 3D space. This will lead to huge improvements for the real estate industry as a whole. Alex Doubet, CEO of Door Homes, notes that with VR, “real estate investors will have better information with which to price homes, move quickly, and win great deals.” There are many steps in real estate that will improve with virtual reality, to describe a few...

Virtual Showings

One of the biggest hassles of buying a home is trekking to all of the different showings and open houses. This step takes up massive amounts of time, energy and gas money! By using virtual reality, you would be able to tour homes without having to drive all over town for multiple showings (real estate agents will rejoice for this as well). The main benefactor of the virtual walkthroughs would be out-of-town investors. The need to travel for showings will be eliminated and companies that use VR will begin to dominate the interstate buyer market.

Improved Buyer’s Experience and Customer Satisfaction

One of the biggest complaints that realtors hear from their clients is that a home doesn’t look like the pictures provided. Virtual reality decreases any misconceptions or warped images of a home and provides an accurate depiction of appearance. Because buyers can view houses more efficiently they will be able to view more homes and will have a better chance of finding their dream home that meets their exact requirements. VR has the potential to greatly improve the customer’s experience and overall satisfaction.

Renovations and Flips

The future of flipping houses also advances with Virtual Reality. You will be able to plan ahead renovations and any future building. By leveraging technology, VR lets you predict end results of a project and show the stages of improvement. You can also use software to design the interior and stage a home specifically for any viewer.

The future of real estate lies in Virtual Reality and we will begin to see its positive effects within the next few years! To learn more about technology-enabled real estate, contact one of Door's agents today.