When kids are involved, everything in your house is a safety hazard. They’re always running around and falling and putting things in their mouths that shouldn’t go in there… So whether you have kids or are about to, follow these steps to ensure their safety in your home.




Safety latches-

Install safety latches on all drawers and cabinets within a child’s reach. These are cheap and effective in keeping kids out. While they can be annoying at first to deal as an adult, you will get used to them and begin to not even notice the latches after a few weeks.


Move cleaning supplies-

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that most cleaning supplies should not be consumed. Because children have a habit of eating or drinking anything they can get their hands on, it is a good idea to move all cleaning fluids completely out of reach from children.


Stove guard-

A stove guard is a device that prevents children from being able to reach up a grab a hot pot or touch the stove top. Another safety hack is to remove the knobs of a stove when not in use so that your kid cannot accidentally turn it on.




Safety latches-

Once again, it is a good idea to put safety latches on all drawers and cabinets in your bathrooms, especially any containing medicine.


Toilet locks-

As strange as it sounds, a child can drown in as little as one inch of water. Children are also top-heavy at a young age and can accidentally fall in while you’re not looking. Because you can’t have eyes on your kid 24/7, toilet locks are a good idea.


Anti-scalding devices-

An anti-scalding device should be installed on all faucets and shower heads that your child has access to. A child’s skin is much more sensitive than that of an adult so the heat and pressure of any water in the home should be decreased. Anti-scalding devices work by balancing the pressure between the flow of hot and cold water so that the skin cannot be burned.


Safety caps on outlets-

To avoid the hazard of children sticking things into outlets (they like to do this for some reason), place safety caps on all open outlets. Appliances should also be kept out of your child’s reach and unplugged when not in use.


Living Areas


Secured shelving-

Kids love climbing on things, trees, fences and yes, furniture. It is a good idea to secure anything your child may climb on to the floor or wall. Shelving is the main problem here usually. Securing any shelving or cabinets to the floor or wall is easy, quick and prevents them from falling if climbed on.


Fireplace cover-

This is especially important for the older models of fireplaces but a fireplace cover should be in place to keep curious kids at a safe distance. These allow you to enjoy a nice fire and not have to worry about your child getting too close.


Table edge covers-

As babies grow, they become the perfect height to hit their heads on the sharp corners of any tables or desks in your home. Table edge covers can be purchased to prevent your kids from harming themselves on those sharp edges.


Stair gates-

Stairs are extremely dangerous for kids. To avoid any tumbles, there should be a gate at the top and bottom of any staircases you have. Especially once kids get older and become more mobile, stair protection should be in place.




Door knob covers-

These should be placed on the back yard and front door to prevent any unwanted wandering. Also, if there are any rooms you don’t want your child to enter such as a laundry room or bathroom, these are great to keep them out.  


Pool fence-

While a child should certainly never be around a pool without supervision, a fence is a good way to ensure their safety. These are easy to install and remove and you can buy one that won’t disrupt the look of your backyard!


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(Image via World’s Direction, flickr)