A home inspection is like a physical for the home--it lets you, the buyer, know what type of condition the home is in. The home inspection goes beyond the physical appearance of the home and digs deep into areas you don't normally see.

When having a home inspected it is important for you to be there during the inspection as the prospective buyer. The home inspector will show you items of concern and also walk you through the inner workings of your home. The home inspector will look at the electrical wiring, plumbing, and roofing among other things. Those areas are typically where home inspectors find problems.

You can expect the home inspection to take several hours. The inspector will take pictures and notes to include in the report that you will receive several days after the inspection. The report will include areas of concern and recommendations for how to fix those problems.

A home inspection can be nerve-racking, but it is a must! You do not want to make an investment in a home that has major issues or forget to ask the inspector these important questions. The buyer normally pays for the home inspection and it can cost several hundred dollars, a small investment, when purchasing a home. You may also wish to add extra inspections on to the inspection. Some of those extras include termite inspection and radon testing.

When you receive the inspection report, you and your Door agent will look at it carefully and address any issues with the seller. It is your right to ask the seller to fix issues prior to closing on the home or you can walk away from the transaction.

A home inspection gives you peace of mind when purchasing a home whether it is a new build or an older home.  All homes will have some issues even if they are very minor. Contact a Door agent for any questions on your home inspection.