What would you do if you could save a handful of cash when buying or selling a house because our home broker in Dallas won’t take it from you? Would you go on an epic vacation? Put it toward a renovation project to tweak the new house to be just what you want? Fund a college education?

We aren’t talking about planting a money tree in your backyard to give you these extra funds. We’re talking about letting you keep this cash in your pocket by capping our broker fees at $5K for each and every transaction. Selling a $300,000 home? No problem. $5,000, please. Selling a million dollar home? Same price. The thing is that with digital exposure, our job as a real estate agent works the same way for all types of homes, which means the fee models that are percentage based are snaking commission off your high home price. Instead, we give that cash back to you, collecting only $5,000 per purchase or sale.

Now, the fun begins.

Traditionally, real estate agents ask for a 3 percent fee of the home cost from both the buyer and the seller. Let’s compare the numbers.

  • For a $400,000 home, would you rather pay $5,000 with Door or $12,000 under the traditional model?

  • For a $600,000 home, would you rather pay $5,000 with Door or $18,000 under the traditional model?

  • For a $800,000 home, would you rather pay $5,000 with Door or $24,000 under the traditional model?

Do you see where we’re going?


Unless you’re selling or buying a home for less than $200,000, we’re going to be your best bet at saving that cash to spend however you dream!


With an extra $12,000, you can take a five-day trip to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico every month of the year!


With an extra $18,000, you can remodel nearly any room in the home from start to finish (with a bit of DIY hard work thrown in, too, but what’s the harm in that?)


With an extra $24,000, you can pay for 3.5 years of tuition at a public Texas university*.


The possibilities are endless for how you want to save, spend, or splurge your extra money that you save. Our home broker firm is not commission based, so don’t fret about cutting our agents short; they work hard for you because we value their expertise as our employees. Our goal is to revamp this real estate industry. Are you ready? Just knock on our door. Learn more about the benefits of a flat-fee real estate brokerage here.

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* Data was pulled from the average one year tuition from the 38 public Texas universities. One year average = $7,300.