With all the online real estate resources and websites, many people have started to question the need for real estate agents or home brokers. Some people believe buying or selling a home should be as easy as selling your car on Craigslist. However, real estate is a much more complicated process. While the internet has made things easier, nothing beats partnering with an expert.

No one "needs" a real estate agent. This has always been true. You can put your home up for sale on your own. If you are a buyer, you can also look at homes and make offers without representation. The question becomes, is that really in your best interest? What does a real estate agent bring to the table?

Market Information

A real estate agent has information not available to an online algorithm. The insights and information are invaluable. For example, a real estate agent can tell you that homes on Eighth Avenue are selling slower than on Seventh Avenue, and why.

Expert Access

A real estate agent is a trusted professional. This is their job. As a result, they have access to all the properties listed by other agents. The reciprocal trust is valuable to both buyers and sellers.

Running Interference

If you are a seller, do you really want to spend your time screening calls and showing your home? A real estate agent takes those calls, qualifies buyers, and deals with all the headaches.

Negotiation Skills

Buying and selling real estate is an emotionally charged event. You can tell your agent everything you love and hate about a house without losing your negotiating position or blowing the deal. Your agent can negotiate without creating ill feelings or showing your hand.


Incorrectly filling out a real estate sales agreement has real consequences. It can cause problems with your mortgage company, delay closing, or even cause legal problems. A real estate agent knows how to use the contract, and protect your interests.


Your real estate agent has access to a database filled with buyers and sellers, and a network of colleagues that help in the home buying and selling process. From helping find a mortgage loan officer to a home inspector, they help make things run smoothly.

Time Management

Once you sign a real estate sale agreement, the countdown starts. You have deadlines you must reach in order to protect your rights during the deal. On your behalf, a real estate agent manages all these moving parts.

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