Dear Austin –

Let me introduce us, and what we believe in - We’re Door. Nice to meet you.

If you have friends or family in North Texas, you may have heard of us. Last year we grew over 400%, and our average customer received over $12,000 back when they closed. We have the happiest customers in real estate, with a customer service score many times better than the traditional real estate brokerage.

We’re a fundamentally different approach to residential real estate. We look at this with a priority on client service over sales. We believe the real estate revolution has begun. The internet has disintermediated a dozen industries – yellow pages, taxis, travel agents – but somehow, aside from making the MLS available to the masses, we still sell our house the same way. It’s time to change.

Our agents are all employees (not commissioned independent contractors like a typical real estate agent) who spend their time working with clients – not chasing new deals. We have specialists in every role, so you get full service in every step of the buying or selling process.

Selling a home? Keep thousands of your home equity.

For over 100 years, the real estate agent cabal has defined the commissions that home sellers pay when they sell. Typically, the seller pays 3% of the sale price to their selling agent, and also pay 3% to the buyer’s representative. This means, for a pretty typical $400,000 Austin home, the seller will pay $24,000 in real estate commissions.

Did you know there is nothing that requires a real estate agent to charge 6%? The agents defined it years ago and we continue to pay it…We think that the sales agent side should cost a flat $5,000 for a fantastic experience and outcome (including staging, professional photography, 3D models and a price that is more than 98% accurate) – protecting thousands of dollars of your equity that would have otherwise been paid to a Realtor.

Buying a home? Get thousands cash back at close.

If you are like most Americans, you will find the house of your dreams long before you find a Realtor. How do you choose who to help? Choose a non-commissioned agent that is simply concerned about you and your needs - not a commission check. In fact, we think you should get thousands cash back when you close – reducing the cost of the home, making your bid more competitive, or even saving for retirement or college…the choice is yours.

Working with Door is a no-nonsense experience with professional, licensed and non-commissioned agents who are 100% aligned with your interests.

If you are considering either buying or selling Austin or Central Texas in 2018, you should compare Door. We are confident that you’ll appreciate the Door Difference.

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