Just because you’re downsizing doesn’t mean you need to feel cramped and confined. Follow these tricks to make your room bigger without actually increasing the square footage.  


The main trick is natural light. The more natural light, the bigger a room will appear. If you only have one window in your room, don’t worry, mirrors can give the illusion of a window when placed across from one. Mirrors also allow more natural light to be reflected throughout the room. Instead of placing small mirrors around your home to achieve this look, consider placing one large mirror in the room to avoid cluttering.


With the windows you do have, it’s best to leave them uncovered. While dark curtains in a big room can give off a cozy vibe, they make a small room feel even smaller. Once again, the more light coming in, the better. If you’re worried about privacy, shades are the better option compared to curtains but be sure to keep them clean and dust free!


Adding green plants to a room in the right spot can also expand a room. They make people think of the outdoors and fresh air, therefore alleviating any feelings of claustrophobia. Don’t add so many plants that you’re stepping over trees and leaves every time you move, but two or three placed correctly can make all the difference!


When decorating a small room, you always want to draw the eye upwards. A wallpapered ceiling can help with this. Patterns that still match the color scheme of the room are effective in grabbing attention. Painting your ceiling a color other than white can also be effective in drawing people’s eyes upwards.


People often make the mistake when downsizing of thinking they also need to downsize their furniture and decor. This can actually leave a cluttered effect since smaller pieces make a room more cramped. Instead, keep a few large statement pieces and pull them away from the wall to give the illusion of extra space.


Hidden storage is everything when downsizing. Get creative! You can add cheap storage from the container store to the insides of furniture, shelving or even in a pop-up coffee table. Anything smaller than a cantaloupe should not be on display in a smaller room, so store it away!


Just because you’re downsizing doesn’t mean you have to throw out all of your old decor and furniture. You just need to figure out how to place and use it more efficiently! Learn more about how to downsize here.


Still have questions about selling your home and downsizing? Give your Door agent a call!