Swimming pools are nice to enjoy in our blazing Texas summers, but they can also be a large hassle if the pool is in your own backyard. This begs the question… does a pool add any value to a home?


At Door, our clients frequently inquire about whether or not a pool increases the value of a home. Often-times they are shocked to find out that a pool typically does not increase a home’s value! In fact, one of the only times that a pool would potentially add value to a house is if the majority of the houses in a neighborhood also have pools. Many potential homebuyers view swimming pools as dangerous, expensive to maintain and a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Particularly families with young children are fearful of a child around a pool unsupervised.


Depending on an individual’s personal preference, financial situation, or stage in life, a pool can either be a great attractant or a great deterrent. Between these two polarized perspectives, the value of a pool is neutralized when factoring the monetary value of a home.


In Short: The person who pays for the pool installation is the person who eats up most of the pool’s initial expenses because a pool does not increase a house’s value. With that being said, if you want a pool, have a pool!! But do not expect your investment to increase the home’s overall monetary value.



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