Many times, when one needs a real estate inspection completed, they are unsure what questions to ask. The biggest mistake is not asking something you have a concern about. Never feel your questions are too silly or stupid to ask. Peace of mind is the main reason for doing home inspections, and home inspections are essential before you buy a home for these reasons.

Therefore, we've written a few questions you should ask your potential home inspector before you hire them for the job.

What do inspections cover?

An inspection report should meet all state requirements and comply with industry standards. However, a home inspection may not include things like lead or radon testing, and these are often separate contingencies on a sales agreement. If these are important to you, ask for them.

Is the inspector licensed?

Texas has specific experience and education requirements for licensed real estate inspectors. You can verify an active license or check for complaints on the Texas Real Estate Commission website.

Does the inspector belong to any professional associations?

There are professional associations for home inspectors. Ask to see his/her membership ID, and ensure the association is a reputable organization.

Is he/she experienced?

Ask inspectors how long they've been working in the field. How many home inspections has he/she completed? Does the inspector have experience in construction or engineering?

Ask inspectors if they are working for your real estate agent.

They should answer, without hesitation, no. Many times, an agent will handle setting up the home inspection on your behalf, but this should only be done with your permission. Moreover, the home inspector should always be working for you, the homebuyer. If the inspector gives any other answer, find another one.

How long will the inspection take?

A typical single-family home should take 2-3 hours, with one inspector. Anything less and something could be missed. Any part of the structure that is viewable, without damaging the structure, needs inspection.

Can you attend the inspection?

If the answer is no, get another inspector. This will not only give you the opportunity to see the property through the eyes of an expert, but being there also provides peace of mind. Here is what you should look for during a home inspection.

To talk more about questions to ask home inspectors or anything else, please contact Door before you buy a home.