"What does 1.2 bathrooms mean?" It's one of the most common questions our agents are asked by potential buyers each day. People assume that they know what a home with 1.5 or 2.5 bathrooms means, but numbers like 1.2 and 2.3 throw them for a loop.


But the truth is that 1.5 baths doesn't mean that a home has one full bathroom and one half bathroom - code for a room featuring just a toilet and sink. You've had it wrong all this time!


The proper way to read a listing's bathroom count is like this: The first digit represents the number of full bathrooms - toilet, sink, shower and/or tub, while the second digit represents the total number of half bathrooms in the home.


A home with 1.2 baths actually has three bathrooms; one full and two partial. A home with 2.3 then has five bathrooms; two full and three partial. Therefor a home with 1.5 bathrooms actually has a whopping six bathrooms; one full plus five partial baths scattered about.


Chances are, you haven't actually been seeing listings boasting that 1.5 or 2.5 figure. You've likely just been saying 1.5 baths as a shorthand that you and your homebuying partner made up along the way. Think we're just making this up? Go take a look at some listings, and you'll see the truth was right there in front of you all along.


BAM! Instant real estate knowledge.

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