There’s a simple trick that could drastically increase the selling price of your home. A light shade of blue painted on the right walls!


A paint color analysis done by Zillow shows that homes with light blue bathrooms sell for an average of $5,400 more than expected. Over 30,000 homes listed at the same prices were compared and those with light blue bathrooms, often hues of powder blue or periwinkle, sold at an unforeseen premium.


When people are searching for a new home, they try to envision themselves living in it with their own families, furniture and decor. As much as you love your hot pink or wallpapered bathroom, attention-grabbing, bright colors make it difficult for potential buyers to visualize themselves taking over these spaces. A powder or sky blue color matches well with a diverse range of bathroom decor. It also makes a space look larger and photographs well for online pictures.


A bathroom isn’t the only room where using this color can boost the price of your home. According to the analysis, a light blue painted on kitchen walls can also increase your home’s selling price by as much as $1,809. Once again, this color complements most kitchen decor, including all of the common countertop and cabinet color schemes. Light blue is also extremely popular on the ceilings of porches, find out why.


While light blue in your bathroom and kitchen should earn you some extra cash, there are paint colors that can make your home sell for less. An “off-white or eggshell white” in the bathroom was shown to reduce the selling price of that home by a staggering $4,035. Most real estate agents will encourage white walls as it is the most neutral color, but apparently this suggestion does not apply to bathrooms. A “straw yellow to marigold” in your kitchen can cost you $820, and red in your dining room can set you back over $2000.


Initial attraction is largely dictated by the color of the walls in a home. How a paint color photographs and complements decor has a greater consequence on price than many might think. Certain colors have different effects on people looking for a home, for example, white and beige can make a room look larger, earth tones match well with most decor and blue has a soothing effect. Each home is unique but making a few changes in the color of your walls could make your home sell for more than you thought!


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(Image via Gabriel White, Flickr)