Home decorating trends change every few months. To see the hottest trends of this year, read below!


  1. Barn homes


This trend originated and has flourished in the South. People began repurposing old barns on their property and turning them into guest houses, game rooms or just general areas for entertaining guests. The list of ideas to do with an old barn on your property is endless. They offer expansive space and usually have high ceilings, perfect for people to get creative with!


  1. White kitchens


Dark wood and dark marble countertops in the kitchen are out. People are now drawn to a lighter theme, more specifically, white. White countertops paired with white cabinets gives the kitchen a clean, bright and calming appearance. It has also become increasingly popular to pair the white theme with bronze or copper accents.


  1. Marble


Marble can be seen throughout all trendy 2017 houses, counter tops, tables, and even walls! Don’t think you have to break the bank on this one though because faux marble wallpaper is cheap and achieves the same look as the actual rock. It looks great in the all white kitchen we previously recommended too!


  1. Technology


There are dozens of companies releasing new products to advance technology in your home. As the world becomes more and more tech-oriented, why shouldn’t your home? Amazon smart speakers, security cameras, smart thermostats and tons of other gadgets exist that can increase the efficiency of your house. Find the newest gadgets to upgrade your home and make it worth more here.


  1. Indoor plants


Indoor plants are a trend said to have been started by millennials but has now spread across all generations of homeowners. They are extremely effective in making a small space feel bigger and bringing a fresh, earthy feel to any room.  Succulents, for example, are easy to take care of and can diversify your shelving decor or table accents.


  1. Statement lighting


A great way to add character to your home and make it unique is to add a fun, quirky lighting fixture. The traditional chandelier is classic but there are thousands of options so why not switch it up! Experiment with a different fixture or even with different bulbs.


  1. Functional gardens


With the rise of health conscientiousness comes the rise of the functional garden. Think fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits at the convenience of your backyard. Growing your own produce is economical, healthy and a fun activity if you have extra time on your hands. Create a sense of community by sharing what you’ve grown with neighbors!


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