Of course you want to sell your home quickly for top dollar, but absolutely nobody wants to spend thousands on home upgrades and renovations. What if you don't want to spend $60,000 for a complete kitchen renovation? Or even just $2,300 on a new garage door installation? You might find these low-priced home improvements that can help with selling your home in Dallas easier to swallow.


HomeGain, a leading provider of marketing programs for real estate agents, has a handy online Home Improvement Calculator that is free to use. Using a consensus of polled agents' opinions and general information, it provides customized recommendations for low-budget improvements for your home, and the possible return on each investment. Here are their top recommendations to ensure you fetch your asking price when it comes time to sell.


The 10 Best Low-Cost Improvements for Selling a Home in Dallas



An investment as small as $75 has a potential return of $3,000. Staging does not have to be extravagant. Small things like fresh flowers, displaying logs in the fireplace, and making beds will make a big difference.


Clean & De-clutter

Give your home the white glove treatment, cleaning it from top to bottom. Space clothes in the closet using 3 fingers, and store the overflow. A clean and de-cluttered home can add $1,000 to the sale price.



Make sure all burned-out light bulbs are replaced, and all lighting fixtures work. Thoroughly clean all windows and skylights. Polled agents agree: a well-lit home can sell for $1,000 or more compared to one that is dark and uninviting.


Clean Floors

Deodorize carpets to remove pet odors. Keep floors mopped and vacuumed. A small cost of $150 for a professional carpet cleaning can add $1,000 to your final sale price.


Repair Floors

Repair damaged wood floors or tiles. Replace old or damaged vent covers. Refinish floors. A professional repair service may cost you a bit upfront, but the return on your investment can be as high as $2,000.


Plumbing and Electrical

Making plumbing and electrical repairs have more benefits beyond just increasing a home's sale price. If discovered by a home inspector, issues could delay a sale or sink a deal entirely. A $200 repair may add $1,000 to the final sale price, or even save the whole deal!



Curb appeal is a measure of how well your home looks from the street. Make sure the lawn is cut and kept clean. Sweep the drive and walkway. Manicure shrubs and remove dead limbs from trees. A professional may cost $250, but the investment could return $1,000 or more.


Kitchen and Bathrooms

Avoid a full renovation with smaller updates. Repair sinks, tubs, and countertops. Recaulk the sinks, showers, toilet, and tub. Add new cabinet pulls and door knobs. Repairs may cost an estimated $3,125 but can add $5,000 of value.


Paint Exterior

Like proper yard care, painting your home's exterior adds to curb appeal. Paint doors and frames, exterior fixtures, the mailbox, and window ledges. If painting is not needed, ensure the exterior is cleaned. A professional may cost an estimated $1,750, but the return is estimated at $2,000.


Paint Interior

This is one of the most common recommendations made by real estate agents. Make sure all cracks and leaks are repaired, and then paint over repairs and watermarks. Also, replace old and worn wallpaper.

While the actual costs and benefits vary based on the individual home, current market conditions, geography, and other variables, the benefits of these low-cost home improvements are undeniable.

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